“Believe in Yourself, Be a Creator, Think Big & Make Wealth!” – Dr.Adel Qarain

“I help Entrepreneurs to upgrade their mindset tuning, take off and scale up a successful business in record time using creative applications of the law of attraction.”


Dr. Adel Qarain (Founder & CEO) is a motivator, proactive individual and articulate communicator who inspires and helps people from all over the world to achieve their personal and financial goals. He uses his motivational skills and proven ability to manage human and financial resources to achieve significant goals for the betterment of everyone.

Because his life message is to empower and coach people to be their best, he has been mentored by world-renowned motivational coaches. He is also participated in international workshops to improve his inspirational and motivational skills.

Dr. Adel’s managerial and financial skills are built from over twenty years of experience in several diverse fields, including corporate and investment banking, personal finance, wealth management, risk management, financial analysis, corporate strategy, and human resources’ mental and physical motivational training. He has worked with well-known international banks and institutions, and has reached extraordinary levels of success, resulting in numerous proven accomplishments and awards.

To satisfy his passion towards exploring new and unusual challenges, Adel has acted in recent years as a strategic co-partner with one of the most significant worldwide fashionable and lifestyle program broadcasts. He has focused exclusively on branding and marketing a health and wellness product line, and effectively participated in relevant international ventures from Shanghai to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

To participate more effectively in building our amazing world to better for the existing and coming generations, Adel has been profoundly engaging in personal and business development by working on a unique combination between mindset tuning and business build-up techniques. He is currently a life and business coach conducting one-to-one sessions, group’s sessions, and online and live events at different places over the world.

Dr. Adel is a certified copywriter. He wrote his first E-Book “Your Journey to Financial Freedom Harbor Begins Today.” He is currently writing his new book which is expected to release in the short future.

At the social responsibility side and to fulfill his beliefs that “Giving is Living!”, Adel is giving more attention to that everyone is having the right for a better life to live, proper education, high level of health and wellness, suitable streams of income, happiness, and peace. In this regard, he participated in shooting and producing educational programs to empower others, being involved in seasonal charity and social responsibility activities sectors (free coaching, inspiring public speaking, food serving …etc.), and conducted free seminars in Dubai, UAE & other places around the world as a public speaker and a coach for charitable purposes.

Dr. Adel Qarain is highly educated. He has awarded the Doctorate degree in Paraphsycology, Theocentric Psychology, PsyThD. University. Besides, He has been awarded the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from an Australian Business School, and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking – in addition to a bunch of professional business certificates and life coaching certificates, granted from leading US and International Institutes.